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We have the best basement waterproofing chemicals and water leaking treatment & seepage solutions. Which are used in houses or buildings to stop water intervention. Chemicals which we provide are suitable for sealer, concrete, black concrete and furthermore materials. Before using all these materials for basement waterproofing, clean place and dryness of the level is very necessary.
Similarly another method of achieving dry basement walls is to install a drainage channel under the floor in the basement. Impregnation paint is an acrylic formula that does not differ much from ordinary wall paints. In addition plastic foils and sheets are only suitable for sealing walls in conjunction with internal basement drainage systems. Water that passes through the wall flows through the back of the plastic into the drainage system in the floor.

Roof heat proofing

Leaks and water ingress that start in the basement can cause problems throughout the home that affect the air quality in the room and cause structural damage.
As experts in comprehensive foundation repairs, our basement repair plans are enough to maintain the water management. Our approach is unique and focuses on main problems that affect your home.

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