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Roof Chemical provides its roof heat proofing services in Lahore. Placing extra layers into the roof will further cut back heat from roof and together with the power to lure water inside the layers as nicely. We thank to Allah, that our clients get very happy with our performance. Whether it’s roof proofing, seepage or toilet leakage, any kind of problem comes, our experts are ready and our services are available for 24/7 for our clients. Through the application of chemically tuned coats over the rooftop increases the tendency of excessive photo voltaic reflectivity which decreases the general heat radiation to enter into the structure. The most typical roof cool coatings obtainable in Pakistan are contentious coating and Elastomeric coating. These chemical compounds are applicable by spray, roller, brush or mopping over your roof. Roof heat proofing your roof will give an advantage of a cool and cozy environment, you can even walk on your roof without your feet getting burned.

Roof water proofing
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