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Roof Chemical Services Heat Proofing ideas of life is providing best Water Tank Leakage Treatment. Water Tank Leakage is found very common especially in Karachi for water is abundantly stored in tanks to meet the water shortage. Commonly two types of tanks are formed underground and overhead. Overhead tank has only one type of leakage internal, but underground tank has two types of leakages internal and external. Both types of leakages are very serious and hazardous for the building structure. Underground tank’s leakage is more hazardous comparatively.

We provide best chemical waterproofing treatment for both types of water tanks. Our imported chemicals make a plastic insulation film inside the tank walls. Our chemical application limits water to enter into the tanks walls. Ultimately, It result’s water do not escape from the desired areas and durable insulation limits water to remain confined tank only.,

This all procedure will be executed without breaking and dismantling anything. A complete time, money and building structure saving treatment.

Roof heat proofing

Water Tank Leakage Test Roof Chemical Services Heat Proofing recommends checking water level in water tank at night and marking it. Check the water level again at morning if the water level is below the marked point then water tank is leak. A very simple test you can carry out to check your tank. Hope this information will help a lot…

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